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Advertise on Android applications is actually very easy, probably many of you who want to put an ad in the admob Android applications you create, so you can earn money from the ads that you place on the application. But for the way the admob advertising certainly has a lot of means and the Software used and the laptop/pc you must which has a great specification, in order to run smoothly.Before we continue, I will explain to you who do not yet know what that admob. Google admob is a service of the same advertisers like Google Adsense blog and Google Adsense youtubeHowever admob's ad only appears in apliccation Android and Ios, so if you want to earn from Google admob you must have skills to create Android applications.If you're good in coding and create a program, but you cannot apply an ad on your application, many strewn on the Internet cost advertise on android applications from low price to a hefty price.But instead when you can't create any application and apply his ads, then You'd love to taste into the Google admob publisher. Quiet friends, because I am here brings the way so you can smile, you do not need to have the application, you simply register Google admob and take his ads, later we will use applications have others.LAH, how his story mas? Yeah so we'll use the APK belongs to other people and we will replace the ad code into ours, and that the ads would be broadcast is the google ads admob. How very exciting bangat instead.For those of you who have blogs download APK, this way is very good for you to get the Rupiah from the application of the person but the advertisement belongs to you, automatically every person who clicks the ad, will go into the Google admob earnings dasboard you.Important: do not Upload them to Play in the Store, because the application can be uninstalled Google because applications are potentially Duplicate applications with the original.But I don't have a Laptop to install the Android software studio andeclipse. Relax, since we will do this using Mobile Android we have, just intentions and capital .Here's how to put ads Admob in applications Others Using APK Editor Pro easilyHow, if you are ready to begin the steps that I am going to teach it, yuk look fine.

1. make sure you've made your Google and Admob is already making its ad code.

2. Preapare the APK/application detected that the application there are google ads admob, if not then we will not be able to replace.

3. prepare APK Editor Pro, if it is not there you can download  and install it on your Android device.The materials we provide, then go directly to their application below.Application of the Admob Ads on Android aplicca
 with APK EditorPro

1. open the application's APK Editor Pro, then select Select Application From the App and select the application you want to replace the advertising code (make sure that the application is already installed before).

2. Select the application you want to change the ad code and then select Full Edit at the top.

3. Change language into [Default].

4. then type in keyword search: ca-pub-app (if found, then that application you can replace the code ad, when there appears nothing, then You can't change) as in the picture above.

5. Once you replace with admob ads, you select a Built then You select Install (but the same application's already installed first, You remove it first and back to the APK Editor Pro and select Install)

6. Welcome the application already installed with Your admob ad code by using the application property of the other person.Important: If the ad does not appear don't panic just yet, because the new ad will appear usually after 1-2 hours.It is not easy, and that application you can make land revenue, but if the apliccation update to the latest version by the owner, then you are also obligated to replace the ad code on a new mobile phone, so that it could be reopened.Maybe it's just that I can convey to the meeting this time


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