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By | April 29, 2014
Prof ober worked hard today. He has been working at his office all day. Soon he will stop and go home. He will work until about 4.00. Then he will get in his car and drive home. He may drive fast. He wants to work in his garden for a while before dinner. Then he will done quietly with his family. After dinner the family may read or listen to music. They may go bowling or go shopping at nearby supermarket. They rarely go out socially during the week.
Adverb :
1.       Adverb of manner (described how the subject do the subject)
a.       She studies hard
b.      She dances beautifully à adj + ly
2.       Adverb of place
a.       We go to the beach
3.       Adverb of time
a.       She comes early morning
4.       Adverb of frequency – always, never, often, sometimes, usually
a.       She usually studies hard
JIka adverb disusun secara bersamaan maka susunan resminya adalah place, manner, time
Combine these following group of sentences into a logical good sentence. Make some the adverb still in acceptable order !
Place – Manner - Time
1.       Prof ober works here
He works industriously
He works everyday
Prof ober works here industriously everyday.
2.       He teaches anthusiastically
He teaches all year
He teaches here
He teaches here anthusiastically all year.
3.       He lectures all morning
He lecturer energically
He lectures here
All morning he lectures here energically.
4.       Leilani stays at home
She stays quietly
She stays every night
Leilani stays at home quietly every night.
5.       Children are playing
They are playing in the park
They are playing noisely
They are playing in the park noisly
6.       The rain come
It come down
It come all night
It come softly and steadily
All night the rain come down softly and steadily


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